Quality of our products

Where are you products manufactured?
We sell Chinese HGH brands (Jintropin, Ansomone, ZPtropin, Qitrope), as well as brands from Europe (Norditropin, Omnitrope, Spectros)

How can I be sure about authenticity of your products?
All kits are made with security Anti-Counterfeit system, so you will be able to easily check it on the official website of the manufacturer:
Jintropin – http://en.gensci-china.com/gensci/Verification.asp
ZPtropin – https://anticounterfeiting.tk/
Spectros – https://spectrum-pharma.com/
Qitrope – http://www.qitrope.com/#anti-counterfeiting

How do you manage to keep your prices so low?
Our website is specialized on Human Growth Hormone (it is the only kind of product that we sell), so we can offer you better prices comparing to steroid shops.
We get our products in big amounts from the distributor, what gives us possibility to keep fair and affordable prices for HGH.

Do you have any lab tests, where I can see that this is the real product?
Some manufacturers provided us with test results for their brands. You can find them here.


What are your payment options?
You can pay with Bitcoin, wire transfer (SWIFT) or Transferwise.

How much time does it take for payment to be processed?
All payment methods take different time:
Transferwise – usually payment gets processed within a few hours (also this service takes lower fees, comparing to bank, so we recommend to use this payment option)
Bitcoin – all transactions are immediate.
Wire transfer (SWIFT) – 1-3 days (in rare cases up to 5 days).

Can I pay with Bitcoin Cash/Litecoin/Ethereum/another cryptocurrency?
Yes, we can create a wallet special for you. Just contact us via email HGHfair@yahoo.com and we will provide you with payment information.


Where do you ship from?
All orders are sent from Ukraine and Russia.

How do you ship?
We want for our customers to be satisfied and receive ordered items as fast as possible, so we try to give our parcels better priority comparing to the regular post, thus we use EMS (Express Mail Service).
After order is sent – we will provide you with tracking number, so you will be able to trace the parcel.

What is estimated delivery time?
Orders get sent within 24-48 hours after the payment.
Delivery time depends on the destination country.
Shipping to USA/Europe takes 10-15 days (however, because of quarantine restrictions different delays are possible).

Which countries do you ship to and how much does it cost?
We ship all around the world. You can see examples of our deliveries here
Price for the delivery is $30.
We will provide you with free shipping for any order with 300+ IU of HGH.

Will HGH be destroyed during shipping?
Our HGH brands are made with the use of lyophilization (freeze-drying), which allows them to spend up to a few months outside of a fridge.

Is it dangerous to order a lot of kits at once? Does that make chance of parcel being seized higher?
For parcel to be discreet – we divide big orders into a few separate shipments (extra shipping is free). This way all packages stay small and freely go through customs.

Do you have reship policy?
We guarantee free reship to US, UK and Canada in the unlikely case of customs seizure.

Other questions

How do I order?
Please go to our main page. Simply click “Add to cart” under the product’s description and then follow the link “View cart”. 
Alternatively, we can fix your order in manual mode. Just tell us how many kits of which brand you would like to order and provide us with your address along with the phone number to our email HGHfair@yahoo.com

Do you have any discounts for new customers?
We can offer you $10 off on your first order. Please use coupon “first” when ordering on the website.

Do you have any special offers or promotions on your website?
We have constant discount system, which can be applied to all brands on our website:
500 IU – 10 $ off for every 100 IU in your order.
1000 IU – 20 $ off for every 100 IU in your order.
1500 IU – 30 $ off for every 100 IU in your order.

(exception – these discounts can’t be applied for 20 IU kits of Jintropin. Also, if some brand is already on sale, then these discounts can be unavailable. Please contact us in order to specify information.)

How can I reach you?
Our email is Hygetropin@yahoo.com
Our WhatsApp is +380 99 424 37 14
Also you can use our «Contact form»
You can write here anytime for 24/7 support.

Have any other inquiries? Feel free to mail us anytime. 
We will be happy to answer all your questions!